Connectivities: definition + application to stellar light curves

The lack of a full theoretical interpretation for the ultra-precise observations of some pulsating stars observed by the satellites CoRoT, Kepler or SoHO has motivated the development of an algorithm that makes possible to identify biases in the harmonic analysis of time series through a test based on the parameter called connectivity [1] which will be briefly described here.

Negative results for this test have been found in different scenarios (asteroseismology, aLIGO, SETI, etc.). Here I will present results from a sample of selected CoRoT seismofield and Kepler stars (short cadence).

Work is in progress to overcome this inconsistency in the application of harmonic analysis but with the aim of allowing the community to identify the cases where a high degree of caution is necessary when interpreting periodograms, we are developing an online tool that implements the algorithm and can be openly accessed. The talk finish with a demo of the application.

[1] Pascual-Granado, J., Garrido, R, Suárez, J. C., 2015, A&A, 581, A89

Javier Pascual Granado